Saturday, September 29, 2012

Metro Diaries...

Anyone who has been living in Delhi for quite some time will have so much to share about 'MERA METRO'. And why not? Metro is a one-word wonder. It not only provides you with fast connectivity, comfort and relief from Traffic Jams, but also gives you the opportunities to explore a plethora of emotions in yourself.

I have been acting out my experiences of Metro in front of my friends a lot lately. Every time I would tell them something related to Metro, they would in-turn advise me to write a Blog about it. I have been shirking the thought for so long. But, hey! what the heck! Let me give it a shot anyway. After all, I call myself a writer... :)

Here it goes:

It's called Competition buddy!

Yeah! So, it all starts from the moment you get down from your Public Conveyance (or after parking your Vehicle in the parking lot) at the Metro Station. It's morning time and you are getting late for a scary weekly review at office, a much-awaited performance appraisal, an exciting date with someone special, a boring lecture, or a spicy gossip session with your friends in college canteen. So, you see, each one of us has an important agenda to achieve, and we have to make it in time.

Now, with all these thoughts, we reach the station. We gotta reach the ticket counter now to go-pass the Security Checks, and then reach the platforms. To reach the security checks, almost each one of us takes the elevator. But hey! I can't tolerate the fact that the one standing in front of me will reach before, so I gotta run on an escalator, leave everyone behind me and reach the Security Check first. That's the first stage of Competition... Running on an Escalator! Really?! If you want to just run and reach fast, why not take stairs?

Let's run all the way

You have crossed the Elevator Hurdle. Now, it's time for the second one -Who will reach the Security Check fast? The distance from the Elevator's last step to the queue to the Security is often covered by Running... Everyone is running at their fastest speed possible. And believe you me (:) ;)), for some of them, apparently, that's the only chance to exercise (And I said, I don't mock). Everyone is running to reach the queue fast and as much closer as you are to the queue, as much energy you use to reach there faster.
It's like reaching out for that last piece of Pizza where all your friends are trying for it and only one will get to take it... Of course, that last pizza is the first spot in the queue here.

You go-pass the security check and you keep your stuff under the scanner.. You might be the last one of your queue to keep your stuff on the rotator of the Scanner. However, you have to and you have to reach the other end of the rotator before everyone else thinking that there might be some magic happening in between due to which your bag though enters last, comes out first.

Push! Shove! Kick!

And last but really not the least, the show of competition and agility of body and mind at Platforms. As soon as Metro comes, it's a choc-a-block with creatures like people around the metro entrance area. You are either shoving or getting shoved/ pushing or getting pushed/ abusing or getting abused.. Nobody knows if his/her neighbor wants to get down or get in. 
Everyone has to either take a seat for themselves (if it's the first station), take the spot near the pole, or just stuff themselves in the metro even if there is no room available. Nobody gives a shit about the metro door not getting closed because there are people hanging half in, half out at that very spot.

It's a competition. And you feel like a winner if you have left someone behind on the escalator, outrun someone in reaching the queue, shoved someone away to take a seat inside the metro or succeeded in stuffing yourself inside the metro in spite of no space available...And with this sense of achievement (Courtesy: Metro), you start your day... :)

Have a good day...


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